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none:) Cat nyok♥

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Gender: Female
Age: 26
Last Activity: 92 month(s) ago
City: Manila
Country: Philippines

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Cat, pusakal

Cat, pusakal

Cat, pusakal

Cat, pusakal

Cat, none:)

Cat, Pusakal

Cat, pusakal

Pet: nyok♥

Name nyok♥
Nickname ew:)
Species Cat
Breed none:)
Gender Male
Hometown manila:)
Country United States
Zipcode 1008
Birthdate 2007-04-29
Height hmm..
Weight 3 kls.
Favorite Activity sleeping, eating
Favorite Food whiskas, dried fish, tomatoes
Favorite Toy yarn, ivy's id
Favorite Shows Mr. Bean
Favorite Music Time Bomb
Favorite Movies Garfield 1 & 2
Best Trick play dead
Embarassing Moments he pooped on ivy's bed XD
Likes sleeping, eating
Dislikes rice!

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Profile Views: 58339

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nyok♥'s Comments
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Posted By: chamiming 2010/01/28 04:28:19 AM
hi,,,paNo po bha mag upgrade ng profile???huhuhuu

Posted By: Lucky 2009/10/18 11:41:56 PM
Thanks for the invite:-)

Posted By: 2009/07/31 01:37:58 AM
hello! how are you? thanks for the invitation!

Posted By: roBin(-_-) 2009/06/25 01:06:16 PM

Posted By: theodore alfonso gabriel 2009/06/03 05:06:50 AM
hi nyok!!! i am doing fine...thnaks!!! what about you?

Posted By: lakay macoy 2009/05/23 06:48:36 PM
hi nyok! please join us in www.passion-for-pets.com JUST GO TO FORUM then register. thanks.

Posted By: BodieBoy 2009/05/17 05:18:07 AM
aah.. nanganak na ang anak ko pero wala siyang pangdidi namatay yung isa hinahanap pa niya ang anak niya

Posted By: Holiday 2009/05/14 09:18:27 AM
thanks po.. :)

Posted By: Mama Cat 2009/05/13 11:06:35 AM
Ahh... Akala ko ikaw ang Mama? ang laki mo eh.. May pics ba siya? pwede mo siyang gawaan punta ka lang sa my account tapos hanapin mo ang add pets yun lang..

Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/13 08:50:17 AM
Dach? Pareho kaming pandak, hehehe. Sige ipalagay mo sa petster para ma-meet namin.

Posted By: Mama Cat 2009/05/13 03:17:44 AM
Hihihih Thank you :) Parati ako buntis dami na ako anak

Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/13 02:57:56 AM
May aso ang boss mo? Cge, pakilala mo ko.

Posted By: Mama Cat 2009/05/10 10:44:07 AM
Tnx.. Owner to ng pet ko na si mama cat,parehas pala kau ma2log sa sofa,chair,etc.. pagtingin ko buntis siya pati anak din niya buntis :D

Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/10 08:35:32 AM
Naku, boss mo pala si Zelle, sorry ha? Eh sino naman si Blacky, neighbor nyo?

Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/07 08:28:33 AM
Hehehe, papaturo ka eh bakit marunong bang kumahol si Zelle? Teka, sino ba siya? GF mo o mommy mo?

Posted By: Mama Cat 2009/05/07 08:15:42 AM
Hello NYOK! Thanks po sa add ! Friend na ba tau totoo? hehehe

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2009/05/06 11:10:26 PM
di ba meron code yung music paste mu yun sa tabi ng layout mo..:]

Posted By: EPOY 2009/05/06 05:42:31 PM
Thanks for reading my blog, NYOK. Marunong ka na bang kumahol? Hehehe.

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2009/05/05 10:13:28 PM
di ba meron code layout mo??

Posted By: cHoLo 2009/05/05 12:23:39 AM
hi po..

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2009/05/03 10:42:33 PM
i paste mo yung code ng gustong mong kanta tapos i paste mo yug code sa tabi ng layout code mo..:]

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2009/04/30 11:17:21 PM
kung saan mo nilalagay yung layout mo..:]

Posted By: Jorge 2009/04/30 09:49:02 AM
nyoks d pwede eh un na kac official url po ni mimi...ok lang ako nman bida dito eh hinde c mimi heheheh

Posted By: Jorge 2009/04/28 09:25:32 AM
ammm my mimi doesn't know how to changed it... do you know?

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/27 12:41:21 AM
um .. ean nua ..

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/27 12:30:08 AM
haahha !!! anung pats .. ??

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/26 11:09:11 PM
um ... ?? tamed b xah .. ???

Posted By: *_*Bush_rat^_^ 2009/04/25 09:01:52 PM
shauty It Your BUUtie

Posted By: Luke 2009/04/25 03:17:40 PM
Your a really cute cat, Nyok! Your defult photo is adorable!

Posted By: EPOY 2009/04/25 09:41:13 AM
Naku, wag kang kakain ng dog food dahil baka matuto kang kumahol, hehehe.

Posted By: *_*Bush_rat^_^ 2009/04/25 08:36:53 AM
I like your song he he he..........................?!*_*

Posted By: EPOY 2009/04/24 08:41:40 AM
Whiska? Naku, eh madalas na nga akong mapagkamalang pusa tapos kakain pa ko nyan. Wala bang ELPO? Ay, ALPO pala, hehehe.

Posted By: Jorge 2009/04/24 08:37:19 AM
nope, it so happen she got it wrong when she registered here ahahaha =)

Posted By: whitney 2009/04/24 07:42:28 AM
that's great!=]

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/24 04:59:43 AM
ahh .. hehehhe !!! Urm ..??cockatiel dn xah ..?? add muh aq ..

Posted By: EPOY 2009/04/24 04:28:37 AM
Mukhang spoiled ka sa boss mo. Whiskas ang handa mo? Naku, di ako kumakain nun, hehehe. Wala bang fried chicken man lang?

Posted By: bobols 2009/04/24 04:18:09 AM
ok thnks a lot...1 more pls how can i change my layout??thnx

Posted By: bobols 2009/04/24 04:08:44 AM
hi!can u help me pls...how can i change my nickname,coz its also my pets name....thnx..

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/23 11:10:01 AM
um .. ?? oK .. ?? heheh ..are you preggy .. ??

Posted By: EPOY 2009/04/23 08:20:09 AM
Ano handa mo sa bday mo? Pag masarap makikikain ako, hehehe.

Posted By: biti 2009/04/23 07:36:56 AM
hello tnx 4 the add meow (=^_^=)

Posted By: whitney 2009/04/22 01:39:23 PM
haha.elcum..how are you?take care. =]

Posted By: nyrmy 2009/04/22 10:27:08 AM
well i want to TRP you ! ehhehe JOKE !! ..='p .. lahat ng mga pusa na uuto cuh !! ahha!! pati pusa d2 .. laat

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/04/21 06:03:34 PM
uu prang buntis pero d nman cia pde mbuntis dhil boy cia.ahaha.laki ng tyan.botchog.:P

Posted By: whitney 2009/04/21 10:42:31 AM
hi cute buddy!how are you?thanks for the add!take care!= ] you have a very cute name buddy= ]

Posted By: pAkiTo 2009/04/21 10:41:20 AM
hi cute buddy!how are you?thanks for the add!take care!= ]

Posted By: zoe 2009/04/21 04:22:33 AM
please comment or vote or put my pets on cool lists please

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/04/20 03:17:42 PM
hala ikaw ba yan nyok super taba mo naman? C:

Posted By: Mik-Mik 2009/04/12 03:28:04 PM
Thanks for the invite Nyok :)

Posted By: Minky Fries 2009/04/04 08:31:21 AM
thanks for adding me. i'm ecstatic meow!purr!

Posted By: van craze 2009/04/03 10:17:59 PM
boy b pogi pla hnd mgnda he he

Posted By: van craze 2009/04/03 01:42:45 AM
nyok i nadd n kta. gnda u nmn lalo n ung boss mo.

Posted By: Skittles 2009/04/01 09:12:01 PM
thx 4 adding me kitty hug!

Posted By: joycee 2009/03/28 02:42:51 PM
hi nyok..meow tc always

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/28 09:45:16 AM
ayt..have a good slee nyok!!! arrff arrff arrff

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/28 07:19:43 AM
hi! thanx for adding me... what you doing right now?

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/28 07:19:42 AM
hi! thanx for adding me... what you doing right now?

Posted By: Chuchay 2009/03/26 08:45:33 AM
thanks nyok!.. u take care too! meow! ;p

Posted By: pIgs 2009/03/26 08:19:15 AM
thnx for adding me

Posted By: chum 2009/03/26 08:18:52 AM
thnx for adding me

Posted By: ♥tuLpu 2009/03/26 06:14:19 AM
`you too

Posted By: ♥tuLpu 2009/03/26 04:46:04 AM
`hi i want to be your friend :)

Posted By: tEmbEr 2009/03/26 12:20:56 AM
hi there tnx fOr the coment take care too=)

Posted By: chloe 2009/03/24 05:53:58 AM
hello,you're so cute..

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/03/24 05:27:26 AM
kip safe also nyok...meow

Posted By: Bam-bam 2009/03/23 09:23:00 PM
ello! nyok... how are you..?? take good care also... warff!! warff!!

Posted By: Maverick D Kerby 2009/03/22 11:53:12 AM
Hey Kitty Cat? Do you bite? Lets play!! I love cats! Ruff! Ruff!

Posted By: blue 2009/03/22 05:27:45 AM
thank you for the warm welcome

Posted By: blue 2009/03/22 05:23:54 AM
thanks for the add.. meow..

Posted By: Paolo 2009/03/21 11:19:45 AM
hi! thx for the add..woof woof hehe

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/03/20 11:41:35 AM
wahaha bading ka pala nyok edi hanap kana lang ng papa..hehe.:P

Posted By: Galian 2009/03/20 08:00:04 AM
hi tnx for adding....walk tyo??

Posted By: nyok♥ 2009/03/20 01:59:34 AM

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/03/17 01:11:00 PM
hello nyok!how are you?sana wag kana magwee2x at poo2x kung san2x.bad yun.hanap kana lang ng chicks or kung ano prob. mo ngaun u should talk 2 ur boss.hehe.meow.

Posted By: RoDgE 2009/03/15 10:24:07 AM
PwEdE PoH Ba mAgTaNuNg??????PaNu nIyO PoH NaGAwA YuNg bAcKGrOuNd?????

Posted By: RoDgE 2009/03/15 10:23:15 AM
TnXX PoW Sa aDD,.......

Posted By: etchpay 2009/02/17 03:26:22 AM
thanks for the request nyok.. pls add also lil bro asiyu.

Posted By: mingski 2009/02/16 12:30:30 AM
hi nyok!! how was your hearts day? me, malaki na tyan ko! preggy ako eh... first time mom! ^_^

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/02/13 01:25:04 PM
Hi nyok!HAPPY HEARTS DAY!!!Take care c;=xoxo=

Posted By: Minjie 2009/02/08 02:26:30 AM
thanks for adding me..

Posted By: mistervin 2009/02/05 09:03:34 PM
bigote po un my bigote n po ako ;)

Posted By: mingski 2009/02/01 01:02:45 AM
hi nyok! musta ka na??

Posted By: mingski 2009/01/31 02:24:27 AM
hehehe.. magka mukha pala tayo... mataba ka lang sa akin...

Posted By: CUTE 2009/01/25 06:26:15 AM
nyok!! meow meow

Posted By: cHoLo 2008/12/25 08:18:31 AM
low poh....happy new year poh...take care always

Posted By: 2008/12/21 02:54:52 AM
merry christmas nyok=)

Posted By: Treesha 2008/12/15 12:43:21 AM

Posted By: 2008/12/13 09:27:02 AM
gud eveniiing nyok! just want to drop by to say woof! take care buddy=)

Posted By: chichi 2008/12/13 06:45:40 AM
tnx for the add.. =) mery x-mas to u!

Posted By: cHoLo 2008/12/12 01:57:56 AM
low poh kmuztah poh??

Posted By: cHoLo 2008/12/12 01:57:46 AM

Posted By: mhun-ning 2008/12/10 10:19:24 AM
hi?! uztah? meoww,, advance meri xmas!!

Posted By: snowfee 2008/12/08 10:51:45 AM
thanzzz poh!!!!!

Posted By: Cutie 2008/12/05 03:25:39 AM
Hi Nyok.. Thanks for the add..

Posted By: Napoleon 2008/12/04 12:09:50 PM
thanks for the add nyok!

Posted By: potchi 2008/12/01 02:47:52 AM
hi nyok!! tnx for the add..

Posted By: Cinderella 2008/11/29 09:00:14 AM
Thanks for the add nyok!

Posted By: kitty06 2008/11/29 12:41:01 AM
thanks for the add!!! meowww..

Posted By: 2008/11/28 09:15:10 PM
thanks nyok! gud morniiiing... have a nice day!

Posted By: PrinCeSs 2008/11/28 06:18:20 AM
tHanKs nyok♥ !!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Cole 2008/11/27 10:21:51 AM
Such cute pictures! Nice to be your friend!

Posted By: Aboo Silver Tabby 2008/11/27 07:56:53 AM
Tnx kuya Nyok 4 d ad meeeeeoooow!

Posted By: chamiming 2008/11/27 04:39:06 AM
huhuhu...di po ako marunong sa site nato... i just wanna post my cutest pet i ve ever had

Posted By: Jeff-Jeff 2008/11/24 09:11:14 AM
thanks for accepting the invite! =)

Posted By: 2008/11/23 01:42:38 AM
yeah, the vacuum cleaner freaks me out big time

Posted By: 2008/11/21 06:18:13 AM
tnx 4 d add nyok... arf! arf! hehehe

Posted By: sam2x 2008/11/19 02:25:32 PM
ok add kita...

Posted By: sam2x 2008/11/19 02:25:05 PM
ilang taon kana? ty... by the way im judy mae from iligan city 21 years of age... and u?

Posted By: Miming Wawanapush 2008/11/17 12:30:29 PM
Okay thx, unang friend ko na pusa wheee.!

Posted By: cHoLo 2008/11/17 09:59:18 AM
Ur ... WeLcOme....

Posted By: theodore alfonso gabriel 2008/11/16 01:01:27 PM
nice pictures, nyok!

Posted By: theodore alfonso gabriel 2008/11/16 01:01:06 PM
nice pics, nyok!

Posted By: Dao-Ming 2008/11/15 03:25:20 PM
i like the "fivesome" pix!!!

Posted By: Ming Ming 2008/11/14 02:59:07 PM
hi cute:) how are you today:)

Posted By: lily 2008/11/14 09:41:28 AM
hi there thanks for the comment...you are cute too

Posted By: nyok♥ 2008/11/14 08:45:59 AM

Posted By: Miming 2008/11/14 07:50:21 AM
Hello there! Thanks for the add. ^^,

Posted By: Bototoy(dead) 2008/11/14 06:52:35 AM

Posted By: nyok♥ 2008/11/13 10:45:58 AM
bye na guys:)

Posted By: theodore alfonso gabriel 2008/11/13 10:31:27 AM
sorry if i scared you, nyok...nice meeting you

Posted By: 2008/11/12 03:24:51 PM
(meow ouy loud!) :))

Posted By: 2008/11/12 03:24:26 PM
nyok ang panghi mo ! hahahah:))

Posted By: hershey and myles 2008/11/12 10:05:54 AM
thankz.......ur cat is also cute.....

Posted By: nyok♥ 2008/11/12 06:47:44 AM
weee...add me guys:)

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